14orless.com FAQ


This 14orless FAQ should answer most of the questions that you may have about ordering or downloading a product you purchased.





1. How Do I Know Which Products Include Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights Products (MRR), or Resell Rights (RR)?

We have included an indicator on the info page of each product showing the type of license rights comes for the product. There are several examples below for your reference. You can also see the detailed rights for any product by scrolling to the bottom of the product description page to the section called “Distribution Rights” or “License.”

  • Marketing Basics (PLR / MRR) – Product includes Private Label Rights and Master Resale Rights.
  • Marketing Basics (PLR) – Product includes Private Label Rights.
  • Marketing Basics (MRR) – Product includes Master Resale Rights.
  • Marketing Basics (RR) – Product includes Resell Rights.
  • Marketing Basics – No Type Listed. A product does not include Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Resell Rights.  It is for your own use only.


2. How Do I Use A Coupon Code For Products I Want To Purchase?

You can use a coupon code for a product you want to purchase by entering the coupon code on the Shopping Cart page. Once you add a product to your shopping cart, you will see the Shopping Cart summary page listing the products you selected. Right below the product total, you will see a box called “Apply Coupon.” Enter your coupon code in the box, then click the Go button. You will then see a revised total with your discount being applied. Right below the Subtotal, you will see the Discount line. That is your total discount.

If the coupon does not work, then that means you either entered it wrong or it is out of date. We have different promotions and sales throughout the year so make sure the coupon is still up to date.

3. What Payment Options Do You Offer?

We offer PayPal payment service.  From PayPal’s site, you can use several major payment options including Visa, MasterCard and more.


Once you have paid for your product order, you will be returned to the 14orless.com store site. You can access your product order the two ways listed below.


1. What Formats Do The Product Files Come In?

Most of our product files come in .ZIP format.  We use .ZIP format since it is the most widely used format and allows us to include many article files into one simple to download the compressed file.

2. How I Do I Uncompress a .ZIP File?

.ZIP format is the most widely used compress format and most computers have ZIP file program included that will uncompress a ZIP formatted file. You can also get free programs from the Internet that will allow you to uncompress these files. Some of these programs are WinZip at Winzip.com.


1. What If I Have A Problem With A Product Order?

If you have a problem with a product order, you can reach our Customer Support via our Contact Form. We always try to respond to your request within 24 hours.

2. What If I Need To Get In Contact With Customer Support?

If you have any questions or issues that need to be resolved regarding our site, you can reach our Customer Support via our Contact Form. We always try to respond to your request within 24 hours.

7. Refund Policy

Due to the nature of information products being provided in a downloadable form, we do not give refunds on the electronic products unless the file is defective or was ordered incorrectly. If you do have a situation that qualifies for a refund, please contact us via our Contact Form so we can process the refund for you.